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Must-Have 5G Cell Phones of the Year

5G has already arrived for some of us, while the rest of us are eagerly waiting to ride the wave! But the one thing we know for sure is that you can’t enjoy its benefits without a 5G-compatible smartphone.

If you are in the market for a new phone, there are many options for you to choose from since most major carriers are introducing more and more 5G-enabled smartphones.

Here are our top two “must-have” 5G smartphones:

Best 5G Phone: Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

Samsung’s latest offering, the Galaxy S20 5G is currently the best 5G smartphone in the market. Following the footsteps of its predecessor 5G phones( the Galaxy S10 5G and Note10+ 5G), Samsung introduced its flagship 5G smartphone series in February 2020. This series offers three different models at various price points and features, letting you pick whatever option fits your needs best while benefiting from 5G access on major networks.

All the Samsung 5G phones come with exciting features like ultra-high-definition displays starting with 6.2 inches on the S20 to 6.9 inches on the S20 Ultra, making them great for movie watching or video streaming. Their long-lasting battery life helps you stay connected longer and the super-fast charging makes sure you are always ready to go.

Best 5G Phone: OnePlus 8 5G/8 Pro 5G

The all-new OnePlus 8 5G packs a mean punch for its price. It comes in two different 5G-compatible models, and the new Snapdragon 865 processing chip (25% more powerful) gives it a major performance upgrade over the 855 chip found in the previous OnePlus 5G devices.

The apps and websites load faster, files get downloaded in a snap, and the super-clear LED display with a 90Hz refresh rate, gives you an uber-responsive user experience for video streaming, gaming, and much more.

Keeping all the other excellent features aside, where the OnePlus 8 5G phone shines is its magnificent camera. Equipped with a 48MP triple camera system and high-resolution ultra-wide lens (16MP on the 8, 48MP on 8 Pro) it allows users to click expansive panoramic scenes in vibrant color and contrast. What’s more? The 8 Pro 5G’s telephoto lens is capable of 3x optical zoom, delivering crystal-clear focus as close as 3cm, showcasing even the most intricate details.