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4 Best Health Insurance Providers in the Country

Finding the best health insurance provider can be challenging. Do you select a private insurance provider? Or do you stick to your employer’s health plan? What kind of coverage do you need? What kind of treatments do you need to be covered? There are so many factors that need to be considered.

To make it easier, we have done some of the legwork for you. After carefully examining health insurance companies that function in the U.S. and comparing them based on prevention, customer satisfaction, and treatment, we’ve listed down our top four choices that offer a great range of products:

Aetna: Known for Medicare Advantage

Aetna provides services across 37 states in the country, as well as the District of Columbia. It offers an impressive 43 Medicare Advantage plans that are now available in 264 new counties across the country, providing millions of Americans easy access to Medicare beneficiaries via their Aetna plan. Aetna also offers Medigap or Medicare supplement plans, prescription drug plans in 43 states, as well as a combination of vision, dental, and hearing care products in many states.

In the private sector, Aetna is known for 4 of its fairly priced employer-based health insurance plans in Iowa, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Wyoming.

BlueCross BlueShield: Best Nation-Wide Coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield provides health coverage to one out of 3 Americans. With a network of 36 independent and locally operated companies, BlueCross BlueShield operates in all 50 states and has more than 90% of doctors and hospitals on contract. This healthcare provider offers a wide range of products to choose from including individual policies on healthcare.gov, employer insurance, and a range of Medicare plans- Medigap, Prescription Drugs Part D, and Medicare Advantage.

Humana: Known for Umbrella Coverage

While most health insurance companies don’t cover expenses like vision or dental, Humana offers private policies in all these areas. The company also offers a range of plans for people suffering from chronic conditions and these plans include coverage for hospital and stay to home care.

Humana offers relatively affordable plans, with four private plans in Kansas/Missouri, Wisconsin, 2 in Illinois and 3 Medicare Advantage plans in Florida, Illinois, Tennessee leading the market in customer satisfaction.

HealthPartners: Best for the Midwest

HealthPartners offers great Medicare plans in Minnesota and Pennsylvania under the names Group Health Plan and HealthPartners.