Dolly Parton loves you


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As stakeholder capitalism slowly gains ground, immigrant kids are working in sweatshop conditions in suburbs across the U.S. and some employees are more likely to be in urgent need of pandemic-related support than others. And batter up! Major League Baseball breaks a glass ceiling on behalf of four major U.S. sports.

But first, here’s your Dolly Parton week in review, in Haiku.

It took years and years
of nine-to-fives to sing a
song this pure. One verse

to stoke the inner
joy of children& far away;
another to slay

vampires,& real& and
imagined. Jolene raises&
roofs, comforts all her

neighbors& and stands up
for& love is love& is justice.
Such a simple song.

Dolly loves us, this
we know: Because her vaccine&
will tell us all so.

Ellen McGirt